80cm 360 Video Booth

80cm 360 Video Booth For Sale £1250 Plus VAT

80cm 360 Video Booth 247 Mobile DJs
80cm 360 Video Booth Sale
80cm 360 Video Booth
80cm 360 Video Booths For Sale

UK STOCK – 80cm 360 Package To Include: 


    • Full training & support provided (We have videos to teach you & 100% guide you every step of the way)
    • Invitation to a booth support networking group
    • Free overlay for videos (We also show you how to be self efficient)
    • App advice (Access to live YT links)
    • Marketing advice
    • Professional promo package
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • ⭐️Flight case on wheels
    • ⭐️80cm 360 Video Booth
    • ⭐️Free 360 Photo Booth sticker for base 
    • ⭐️Telescope Arm 
    • ⭐️PVC Matt
    • ⭐️x2 remotes for spinner
    • ⭐️Remote for LED control
    • ⭐️Ring light
    • ⭐️Power leads
    • ⭐️Free paper props
    • ⭐️Red Carpet Round
    • ⭐️Clamp for all devices (iPad/iPhone, Android devices)
    • ⭐️Ball joints for camera movement
    • ⭐️GoPro mount holder
    • ⭐️LED strip for bottom of the booth 
    • ⭐️UK DELIVERY – 3-5 working days (Courier will be in contact for an ETA on delivery)
    • ⭐️Worldwide delivery -7-12 working days


Introducing our cutting-edge 80cm 360 Video Booth, now available for rent or purchase in the UK. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, festivals, birthdays, and private gatherings in Essex, Kent, London, and beyond, with worldwide shipping options available.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our booth ensures easy navigation, catering to both tech-savvy individuals and novices alike.

All event videos are seamlessly hosted on an online gallery post-event, providing guests with unlimited access and a complete video experience; we share links in the booth support group to help you get going for your very first event!.

With creative effects like slow motion, boomerang effects, and overlays easily created in just 5 seconds, guests can unleash their creativity and capture memorable moments effortlessly.

Standing on the platform, striking a pose, and letting the camera circle around them, guests can enjoy a unique and immersive video experience.

The 360 Photo Booth by 247 Mobile DJs is the perfect addition to launch the best part of any event, whether in Essex, Kent, Suffolk, or world wide. 

With its user-friendly interface and high-quality videos, it guarantees guests an unforgettable experience. Consider the 360 Selfie Booth for your next party and make it truly special!

Explore our website to select the perfect 360 Video Booth for your entertainment needs. Our booths deliver an unmatched 360-degree video experience, boasting ultra-smooth video capabilities and seamless social integration for sharing across various platforms.

Look no further for a 360 booth that exceeds expectations. Our reputation precedes us among event organisers, party planners, and DJs, thanks to our expertly crafted booths that deliver endless entertainment.

Take your event to the next level with our portable and easy-to-set-up 360 Video Booths, available for delivery within 3-5 working days. Don’t miss out on our unbeatable prices and top-notch services.

Discover our range of offerings, including 360 Video Booths, Photo Pods, Booths, Audio Guest Books, and Magic Mirrors, available nationwide.

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