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DSLR & iPad Photo Booth

DSLR & iPad Photo Booth For Sale £1350 Plus VAT

DSLR & iPad Photo Booth 247 Mobile Djs
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Sale
Magic Mirror Photo Booth For Sale

DSLR & iPad Photo Booth To Include: 

  • DSLR & iPad Photo Booth unit
  • Battery for camera
  • Ring light with cable
  • Spare face plates for all iPad models (10.2″, 10.5″, 10.9″, 11″, 12.9″)
  • Remote control
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Invitation to a booth support group
  • 7-10 working days on the delivery!

    This package ensures you have everything you need to set up and operate your DSLR & iPad Photo Booth seamlessly. Please note that the iPad and Camera is not included in the sale. 

Introducing the DSLR & iPad Photo Booth, the ultimate solution for capturing high-quality photos and creating  memories at any event. This innovative photo booth combines the power of a DSLR camera with the versatility of an iPad, ensuring stunning results every time.

Key Features:

– Battery-Powered: Equipped with a dedicated battery for the camera, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions.

– Ring Light Illumination: The booth features a ring light with a cable, providing consistent and flattering lighting for all your photos.

– Spare Face plates: Comes with spare face plates to accommodate all iPad models, including 10.2″, 10.5″, 10.9″, 11″, and 12.9″ iPads, ensuring perfect compatibility.

– Remote Control: Includes a convenient remote control for easy operation and customisation.

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