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Vintage Pod – The Slim One

Vintage Pod – The Slim One

£995 + VAT

Vintage Pod – The Slim One To Include: 

iPad/camera & Printer is not included:


  • 📱 The Next-Gen Wireless Booth is Here; a perfect add on next to the DJ booth

  • 🔌12V Power Supply

  • +   The Pod Can Be Wireless (Add your battery pack and you are live)

  • 🔒 Secure Lock-able Back Door

  • 👌 Brand New Head & Tripod Design

  • >> Please note that this sale is with a standard tripod set at the height 1.2m

  • Adjustable tripods will be available on check out

  • **  Tripod Shelf Included

  • 🔀 Interchangeable Advertising Plaque (We will brand this booth so it’s yours)

  • ✍ Engrave Your Personal Touch / Company Name or QR Code
  • 📱 Compatible with All iPad Models (Choose your frame size on check out)
  • 🎁 Purchase Includes Exclusive Promotion & Video Package for Instant Advertising! 🎬

  • 🤝 The Sale Opens The Door To an Official Booth Support Networking Group – Connect with the Photo Booth Community 

  • 📸Various App Training & Advice

  •  Upgrade your photo booth experience today! 📸

  • 📝Please kindly note that these booths are absolutely quality!!

  • For our booths to arrive quickly and safely, the deliveries are pushed out wrapped on pallets and can be with you within 7-10 working days by standard, but of course we will aim to be a lot quicker, delivery is priced at £79.00 + VAT.

     Vintage Pod – The Slim One

    Introducing the Vintage Pod – The Slim One, an elegant addition to our collection of vintage photo pods. This handcrafted photo booth combines timeless vintage charm with cutting-edge technology, making it the perfect centrepiece for weddings, corporate events, and special celebrations.

    The Vintage iPad Pod sophisticated design and compact form ensure it fits effortlessly into any venue, adding a touch of class and nostalgia that your guests will love.

    Our Vintage Photo Pods are known for their exceptional quality and The Slim One is no exception. Handcrafted with precision, this photo booth features high-quality materials and exquisite detailing that evoke the glamour of a bygone era.

    Despite its slim profile, it boasts professional-grade lighting to ensure every photo is captured in stunning clarity and vibrant colour.

    Customisable options, including personalised photo templates and themed props, allow you to tailor the experience to suit your event’s unique style and theme.

    Choose the Vintage Pod – The Slim One for your next event and let this charming and stylish photo booth create memories for you and your guests.

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