The LED Magic Mirror Booth

 The LED Magic Mirror Booth For Sale £1650 Plus VAT

Magic Mirror Photo Booth
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Sale
Magic Mirror Photo Booth For Sale
Magic Mirror Photo Booth For Events

LED Magic Mirror Booth To Include: 

  • 40 inch mirror
  • LED Ring Ring light
  • 21.5-inch LCD screen
  • CPU: Windows I3 8100 8G + 256G
  • Comes with flight case
  • Invitation to booth support group
  • Setup instructions included
  • Promo material for social media
  • 7 working day delivery
  • £45 delivery fee
  • Camera and printer not included 

Featuring a stunning 40-inch mirror, the LED Magic Mirror Booth is a captivating centerpiece that draws guests in and invites them to capture their most memorable moments in style. The built-in LED Ring Ring light ensures perfect lighting for every shot, enhancing the overall quality of photos and videos.

Equipped with a 21.5-inch LCD screen, guests can easily interact with the booth, customising their photos and adding personal touches before printing or sharing them online. Powered by a robust CPU with Windows I3 8100 8G + 256G, the booth delivers seamless performance and reliability, ensuring smooth operation throughout any event.

For added convenience, the LED Magic Mirror Booth comes complete with a flight case for safe transport and storage, making it easy to bring the excitement to any venue. Additionally, customers receive an invitation to our exclusive booth support group, where they can connect with fellow booth owners for tips, advice, and troubleshooting assistance.

Setting up the LED Magic Mirror Booth is a breeze, thanks to the included setup instructions. Plus, customers receive promotional materials for social media, helping to spread the word and generate excitement for their upcoming event.

The LED Magic Mirror Booth offers unbeatable value for event professionals looking to take their offerings to the next level. Please note that a £45 delivery fee applies, and cameras and printers are not included.

Elevate your event with the LED Magic Mirror Booth and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

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Magic Mirror Photo Booths
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