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The UK market now offers a Post Box selfie booth of superior quality, ideal for use in various events such as weddings, discos, and private parties.

The aforementioned booths are a valuable addition in close proximity to the DJ booth, which have the potential to enhance the overall quality of your event; especially the dance floor.

The Post Box selfie booths are meticulously crafted in a workshop located in Norfolk, utilising premium-grade materials.

The Post Box Photo Booth is constructed using Baltic Birch and is equipped with a metallic stand or tripod, thereby ensuring its durability and aesthetic appeal.

The iPad Post Box is offered in a variety of colours, including Red, Silver light oak, and white, among others, enabling users to personalise it to align with the aesthetic of their occasion.



Ring Light Photo Booth Essex Setup

The assembly process of the Post Box Selfie booth is a straightforward task, consisting of three components that can be put together in a matter of minutes. Simply incorporating your iPad will enable you to proceed with the task at hand.

The booth is equipped with a power cord, a complimentary carrying case, and a remote control for convenient remote operation. The package includes supplementary items such as a remote, power cable, a bag for the ring light, and instructions, thereby alleviating any concerns regarding the necessary accessories.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be provided with training, marketing guidance, and an invitation to join our booth support group. The support group comprises proficient experts who are readily available to offer assistance and dispense valuable counsel.

Furthermore, our company provides a one-year warranty for the iPad Post Box, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded and granting you a sense of security.

The iPad selfie booth offers a notable attribute in the form of customisable branding options, allowing users to incorporate their logo onto the booth. A vinyl sticker can be procured for facile application subsequent to the establishment of the booth. Utilising this method is an effective means of promoting one’s business or brand during an event.

Place an order for the iPad Post Box Photo Booth today and expect to receive it within a period of 7-10 business days. It is highly recommended that one seizes the opportunity to elevate their events to a higher level.

The implementation of Ring Light iPad selfie booths is expected to garner positive reception from guests and offer them an exceptional and noteworthy encounter.

Enhance the entertainment value of your event by availing our premium services such as 360 Video Booths, Photo Pods, and Booths, Audio Guest Books, and Magic Mirrors. Our services are extended to a wide range of clients across the United Kingdom, encompassing areas such as Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford, London, and other locations.

We strongly advise you to place an order for your booth without further delay, in order to distinguish your event from others.

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