Overhead 360 Video Booth

Exciting New Overhead 360 video booth hire Kent & Chelmsford £499

Essex 360 Video Booth To Hire
Skylight 360 Booth In Colchester
360 Video Booth In Essex
360 Skylight Video Booth in Essex

Choose this beautiful set up with an attendant and as an example this is what we can do:

Set up from 1900
Live from 2000
Unlimited videos till 2200
Fun all night
Red carpet
Guide ropes
Message overlay
Music backing
Share straight to your device

Overhead 360 Video Booth

At any gathering, the Sky 360 Video Booth employs state-of-the-art technology to offer attendees an immersive and captivating entertainment experience. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or corporate event, the Sky 360 Video Booth will mesmerize guests and create a lasting impact.

When you rent the Sky 360 Video Booth, our team will arrive early to set it up before your event’s scheduled start time. Our staff will ensure that the booth is ready to use as soon as your guests arrive, and setup is quick and straightforward.

Once the booth is prepared, guests can stand under the platform and strike a 30-second pose for a photo. The camera captures a 360-degree view of the guests, capturing all angles and providing a thrilling entertainment experience.

The booth’s software is pre-installed to enhance the footage as soon as guests exit the platform. This enables visitors to relive their priceless moments in slow motion, rewind, fast-forward, and other exciting ways.

By utilizing file-transfer apps like WhatsApp, AirDrop, and QR code scanning, guests can quickly obtain their videos from the Sky 360 Video Booth. This allows them to instantly share their movies with loved ones or preserve them as a treasured memento of the occasion.

Thanks to its innovative overhead 360-degree design, the Sky 360 Video Booth doesn’t require a large spinning platform, enabling more people to comfortably fit inside the Skylight 360 arena due to its increased surface area.

Moreover, the Sky 360 Video Booth can be customized and branded to align with your company’s objectives or your event’s theme. Upon receiving your logo, we will send you a complimentary digital proof sample to help you achieve your goals.

Overall, the Sky 360 Video Booth is a superb addition to any event. It creates lasting memories that can be shared with family and friends while providing your guests with a delightful and engaging entertainment experience. Book now to avoid disappointment and make your upcoming event unforgettable.

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