Capture The Moment With Friends & Family 

A Portable Photo Booth that captures the moment, a staple at Weddings, Parties and celebrations. Guests can enjoy posing and getting their pictures taken with high quality cameras and ring lights, a must have for bringing guests together and to allow them to migle at an event as it breaks the ice and gets guests talking, interacting and laughing together, whether its a Wedding, Party or Celebration, a photo booth is an easy way to ge tpeople together.

Unfortunatly When you’re arranging any event, you’ve got a lot to think about and a lot of different parts to put together, but luckily, a photo booth is an effort-free addition to the occasion. Quick to set up and organise and endless fun for all ages, and the best party favor ever, as guests will keep the high-quality pictures as a memory for a lifetime.

All content with you digitally within 24 hours of the party, with unlimited photos & videos, red carpets, guide ropes, message overlay, music backing and the ability to share straight to your device!


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