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The Solo Pod
Exclusive Solo Pod
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The United Kingdom market currently provides a high-quality iPad selfie booth, which is well-suited for utilisation in a range of events including weddings, discos, and private parties and to introduce our new one in stock ready for private party hires now!! It’s the Solo Pod.

The aforementioned Social Media Photo Booths, best located in close proximity to the DJ booth, offer significant value by potentially enhancing the overall quality of your event, particularly in relation to the dance floor.

The brand new Vintage Solo Pod booth are carefully constructed in a workshop situated in Norfolk, with high-quality materials.

The construction of the Solo Pod Photo Booth utilises Baltic Birch and incorporates a metallic stand or tripod, so enhancing its endurance and aesthetic qualities.

The Solo Pod is available in a diverse range of colours, such as Red, Silver light oak, and white, among other options, allowing customers to customise it according to their specific aesthetic preferences for different occasions. It is key to note that the most common one is the oak in colour and that is what is installed at the party on the night.

The assembly procedure of the Solo Pod Selfie booth is a simple and uncomplicated undertaking, including three distinct components that can be swiftly interconnected inside a few minutes. By integrating your iPad into your workflow, you will be able to effectively carry out the current assignment.

The booth is furnished with a power cord, a complementary carrying case, and a remote control to facilitate remote operation. The kit encompasses other components, including a remote control, power cord, a bag designed specifically for the ring light, and instructional materials. This comprehensive inclusion of extra products effectively addresses any potential worries surrounding the essential accessories.

The iPad Vintage Solo Pod Booth provides a noteworthy feature with its customisable branding possibilities, enabling customers to integrate their logo into the booth. A vinyl sticker can be obtained for easy application after the booth has been set up. The utilisation of this method proves to be an efficacious strategy for promoting one’s business or brand at an event.

Please proceed with the hire of the iPad Solo Booth Box and anticipate its delivery within a timeframe of 1hr prior to when your event starts. It is strongly advised that individuals take advantage of the chance to enhance the quality and stature of their events.

Maximise the entertainment quotient of your event by taking advantage of our high-quality offerings, like 360 Video Booths, Photo Pods, Solo Vintage Pods, Wooden iPad Selfie Booth, Social Media Photo Booth, Audio Guest Books, and Magic Mirrors.

Our services cater to a diverse clientele throughout the United Kingdom, including but not limited to Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford, London, and various other cities.

It is highly recommended that you promptly proceed with placing an order for your booth in order to differentiate your event from others.

Check out a mini detail of what to expect:

Perfect for parties and weddings. This pod goes wild every time.

We will drop off and allow you to help your self!

Choose this beautiful set up with example timings as follows: 

*Set up from 1800
*Live from 1900
*Unlimited photos & videos till 2200
*Fun all night
*Message overlay 
*Music backing with the boomerang function
*Share straight to your device 

All pictures and videos will be with you digitally within 24 hours of the party.

The Social Media Pod allows you to capture those special memories and share through your social media accounts.  We are in the digital age, so we are a fully digital photo booth!

We will capture hundreds of memories and instantly share them straight to your guests.

This is the hottest trend in the Photo booth Industry.

*Unlimited photos taken.
*The photos can be sent straight to the guests phones via AirDrop.
*Link of all photos taken on the night will be sent to you next day.
*Personalised template with branding / logo if required.
*Wide range of digital Props.
*We can take Photos, Gifs, Videos, Boomerangs and even AI Background.
*Full animations just like a Magic Mirror.


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