80cm 360 Video Booth

£1,500.00 Inc. VAT

Step into the future of event entertainment with our cutting-edge 360 Video Booth. This remarkable booth adds a thrilling dimension to your special occasions. Guests can capture mesmerizing slow-motion videos from every angle, creating unforgettable memories.

Ideal for weddings, parties, and corporate events, our 360 Video Booth takes the fun to a whole new level. Get ready to spin, dance, and create magic with this innovative addition to your event. Elevate your celebrations with 360-degree videos that leave everyone in awe.

Order includes:

Flight case
100cm Booth (fits up to 5 adults)
Free sticker for base
Telescope Arm (Brand new)
Lead for wireless capability
PVC Matt
2 remotes for spinner
Remote for LED control
Ring light
Power leads
Free props
Money gun x2
Bunch of notes for the guns
Bubble Gun
Red Carpet
Clamp for all devices (iPad/IPhone)
GoPro mount holder
x2 bright white LED lights
Tripod stands for LEDs
Dimmer controls for LEDs
LED strip for bottom of the booth
Spare Motor
x2 Spare Belts
x2 Spare Remotes


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